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We live in a time when nothing can be sure. Today you walk freely around the city - but tomorrow you can easily become an accused in a criminal case. Unfortunately, such situations happen, and, often, even without legal grounds, a person can easily find himself in the dock. In such cases, a criminal defense lawyer is needed to confront the prosecution.

The opposite situation is also possible, when by chance a person can become a victim of a crime. It would seem that in the defense of the victim there should to be the state represented by law enforcement agencies, which are obliged to effectively and timely disclose crimes. But, as practice shows, in the overwhelming majority of cases, without the active actions of a lawyer in criminal cases, who represents the interests of the victim, the criminal case can be closed or dragged on for years.

«Alfa Advocate Consulting» Attorneys Association provides reliable legal protection for the suspect, accused, defendant, the victim, as well as the witness.

Criminal lawyer - we work in the following areas:

  • Representation of interests of a witness during interrogation;
  • Protection during a search, seizure;
  • Detention protection;
  • Protection during choosing a preventive measure;
  • Comprehensive protection at the stage of pre-trial investigation;
  • Comprehensive protection at the stage of trial investigation in the courts of the first, appeal and cassation instance.

Principles of work in criminal cases

How we are working?

  • Preliminary consultation by phone (or online).
  • Meeting (in our office or on a visit to you), initial survey.
  • Study of the circumstances of the case by a criminal lawyer
  • We negotiate a really achievable result in your situation.
  • We sign an agreement for legal assistance.

In what cases do our criminal lawyers provide their defense?

  • Crimes against human life and health;
  • Kidnapping, illegal imprisonment;
  • Theft, robbery, robbery, fraud and extortion;
  • Illegal acquisition and storage of weapons;
  • Smuggling, tax evasion;
  • Public order crimes;
  • Car accident crimes

Finding solution
even in the most complex criminal cases

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What are the criteria for a criminal defense lawyer?

A lawyer is a person to whom you, for some time, trust your fate, therefore the personal qualities of a lawyer play an important role. In order to defend the rights of his client in the conduct of the case, the lawyer will communicate with a large number of people, attend court sessions, look for evidence and witnesses. Therefore, when choosing a criminal lawyer, we advise you to consider the following criterias:

  • Huge practical experience;
  • Knowledge of legislation and the necessary theoretical grounds;
  • Confidence and resistance to stress;
  • Interest and willingness to work;
  • Psychological qualities.

What are the requirements for a criminal lawyer in Ukraine?

In addition to the fact that a lawyer must be experienced, confident and theoretically grounded, there are certain norms of legislation, which put forward a number of requirements for lawyers.

According to Art. 6 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Bar and Advocacy", a criminal defense lawyer may be an individual who has a higher legal education, speaks the state language, has at least two years of experience in the field of law, passed the qualification exam, completed an internship, took the oath of a lawyer of Ukraine and received a certificate of the right to practice law.

Article 50 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine defines the documents that confirm the powers of a lawyer in criminal cases:

  • - a certificate confirming the right to practice law.
  • - an order and an agreement with a criminal lawyer.

You can check the powers of a lawyer in criminal cases using the Unified Register of Lawyers of Ukraine

What results can achieve criminal lawyer?

Any result depends on many factors - both objective (the circumstances of the case, the evidence base of the prosecution and the defense) and subjective (the law requires an objective and unbiased consideration of any case, but as long as cases are considered by living people, not robots, the subjective factor will always be present, to a greater or lesser extent).

The lawyers of Alfa Advocate Consulting will not give you any guarantees of any results of the consideration of the case. We can only predict a certain result after a detailed acquaintance with the circumstances of a particular case and guarantee the most professional approach to solving your problem.


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